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About Us

Who we are

We defy the concept that being in a physical presence of a tutor is the only way of acquiring complete knowledge. Curiosity is the guide to every person’s thirst for knowledge and that is exactly what we create, cultivate and channelize in each of our students. Parents play the primary role in our quest since they are the first and the best teacher a child can ever come upon.

Our Vision

We envision a generation that has a thirst for knowledge, that keeps asking relevant question, guide this world and stand as strongpillars of society. We also focus on aligning teaching and learning methods with the skills needed in the 4th industrial revolution.

Our Mission

Laying the right foundation of education at home and make every student and parent realize that education or acquiring knowledge is not confined within four walls of a classroom.Delivering the message that knowledge has no limit if you have a mind that is sharp and focused.

Our Core Values


We put our parents and children together at the centre of our existence.


How this values applies relevance to the context.


We persist to develop customised learning through individualised assessments.


We take community into consideration by developing aesthetic domains

We Believe

We believe children are whole people, and their happiness and wellbeing is very important to all of us. Learning can be fun, play, and meaningful. Learning is not just memorising facts or information. The purpose of learning is to understand the self and the world. So, learning happens in context. We believe children are growing people. So, teaching should be developmentally appropriate. Our teaching is based on the age and developmental stage of the children. We believe children are unique individuals. Therefore, teaching should be individualised. So, instruction and assessment must be based on the strength, potential and aspiration of children at any given moment. In a nutshell, we believe the purpose of education is the development of whole human personality. Our task is it support the development of unique individual. In this way, children will be joyful now and later in life.

What we follow​

We follow ECCE (Early Childhood care and Education) program complied by CBSE based on National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020). We design individual peer – focused curriculum that concentrates on empowering the side that the student need more attention to as well as nurturing the side that excels.
Language is the key to every knowledge, hence English being the key to unlocking the best, we firmly believe to lay a good foundation to the skills of communication and interpretation through English.
A one-to-one attention for each student id provide here at Broadway, thereby promoting a child to learn everything.
We consider every child as an individual and our curriculum is designed respecting the individuality of each member. Hence a field of mutual respect, acceptance and a catapult to success is created.

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