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English through Physical Response

EPR is a language teaching method built around the coordination of speech and action It is rooted in the belief that when action is combined with language, learning is boosted. TPR is a comprehension approach, and it has been develped based on the stress-free way that children learn their mother tongue. By listening to the target language and converting it to action, speaking will eventually manifest spontaneously. Motor activity encourages right-brain learning and long-term storage (similar to learning to ride a bicycle)

Duration 3 months  |  Fee : 28 USD/ month

Why EPR?

English through Physical Response is a practical method to learn a English by using physical movement to react to verbal input The purpose of EPR is to create association between speech and action to boost language and vocabulary learning

Customize your schedule 24/7 availability: learn English through Physical Response with EPR experts day or night, weekday or weekend

Beginner to advanced EPR courses are offered for all level learners

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