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What our parents have to say

All i have to say about Broadway is that a wonderful school full of high quality professionals, I would like to personally thank Mrs. Shamjiya for excellent quality education and teaching method. I am completely satisfied with the improvement my kid is displaying in just one year. The method of teaching is to be much appreciated as its very innovative and interesting. We are extremely pleased with the school and would recommend to everyone.

Parent of Muhammad Ilham Abdul khader (KG 1)

Dear team of Broadway,
First of all thank you soo much as well as I would like to congratulate the entire team of Broadway International Home Schooling. I am really impressed with your curriculum and teaching methods which is different from online schools. I have been a fan of the techniques of teaching that you follow. Even though it is an online platform, it gives a real feel of an offline class atmosphere because of its extra co – curricular activities, encouraging the students to participate in each and every programs, discipline, systematic way of handling all subjects, improving language skill and giving leisure time to chit chat with

each other etc… I will be grateful continually, for how you have remodeled my son to be. Am always at peace, knowing that our kids have been given the best knowledge they need. So with pleasure and mindfulness I recommend BWI to the parents those who are in search of a best and finest online platform. Thank you soo much for being a good and supportive teachers to my son. Feel so proud to have a teachers like you for my son.

Regards, HASNA N, Parent of Ilan (Grade 5 A)

Hi, I took admission for my kids in Broadway for a temporary purpose but now it’s been one year we are still at Broadway. And for the coming academic year also we are continuing the same. So without any hesitation I can say it is the best choice for those who are looking for an online platform. Broadway has got a wonderful teaching staff who are ready to help their students at any time .kids are not fed up as the classes are lively and activity oriented. So I would recommend Broadway International for those who are searching for an online academic platform.
Thank you Broadway team and wish you all the success for the year ahead.

Parent of Yusra Fathima (Grade 5 A)

To the whole broadway team,
I am really grateful to each and one of your faculty members who work really hard to make this online schooling a big victory.. I am personally happy and content with your teaching and communicative skills. Your patience and concern to deal with each and every kid in a class really fascinated me.. We will be surely continuing here as my child is showing great development in academics and her confidence has pumped up really well. I always recommend broadway schooling to all parents as it is stress free, reasonable and disciplined.♥️

Parent of JINAN (Grade 3 B)

I always look forward for the stress free studies for my children at their tender age. Because if they got afraid towards their studies and homework, during the age from 4 to 7, that will stay long in their subconscious for years. I am a victim for that. It took decades for me to overcome those fear of studies and hw which my childhood surrounding of school and home has given me.  Many people have given me the opinion of, not to put the kids in any if the online sessions. But apart from that, what I have observed is the way of learning and especially the way of teaching of teachers in Broadway. My kids have sat in the classes of few teachers in the Broadway since April 2022. Each and every teacher are selfless in their way of teaching as far as of my observation.

They have a mind to rectify themselves while any of the parents are pointing out some cases. According to me physical school with lots of teachers along with the triple of their students in one class doesn’t make sense to me, in the case of teaching . Individual attention by Broadway teachers to the students have attracted me a lot and also the way they don’t classify kids as in the category of studying and in the category of not studying(which in physical school it’s still happening at this 21st century as well) I am confident in what I said above regardless of the negative and positive opinion of others. It’s my individual perception. Anyways I am looking forward for the productive and fruitful academic years of my kids in Broadway in the upcoming years as far as possible 

With warm regards Mom of Haran & Ghauri

Hello Team Broadway,
As we are approaching the end of the academic year, I would like to share my thoughts and experiences about the past year. Even though we joined late, my son got accustomed to the system as quick as a wink. The whole credit goes to the teachers….all of them…. Who helped him to gel along as well as complete his missed portions without giving him a point of stress. Never did he feel that he is way behind his classmates. I appreciate the quick response from teachers’s side at any given time.😊
I’m more than satisfied with the syllabus and teaching methodologies. 🤟🏼

As a parent, usually we tend to chase kids to get their works done…be it academic or any other… trust me, after Broadway, 

 I hardly chased my son to get his works done. There is a healthy competitive environment in the class that he’s driven to finish off his works..that’s way too relaxing as a parent 😊
As a Broadway parent , I would like to encourage people out there who are looking for a good homeschool…. Come to Broadway… be a part of our family 😊….Experience the best👍👍

Hasna Najath, mother of Hatim Mohammed of grade 3.

I would like to thank the Broadway team for making my child confident and enthusiastic. His schooling was really a nightmare for me due to some health problems. Alhamdulillah a friend of mine suggested this school, really a great blessing from Allah.
I could see a lot of improvement within a year. The Teaching, support and patience towards the children are remarkable. The relationship between teachers and children are boundless. Furthermore, the teaching style is impressive. During class, they allowed the children to interact with each other, so the concern about socialization was also eradicated .
Broadway focuses on learning through entertainment , thus the children gain the ability to reflect and become self-sufficient. May Allah bless the Broadway School team.
Thank you so much for your great efforts.

Parent of Yaqoub Sabeel (KG 1)

 As a mother, I cannot express enough how thankful I am for all your hard work and dedication towards my daughter’s education.

It has been an amazing journey so far, Aayisha is learning so much and she loves attending class every day. Your guidance has been nothing short of exceptional and I can see how much effort you are putting in to make sure every student is getting the best education possible.

Thank you for being such an inspiring teacher and helping Aayisha grow into a confident individual. We are very fortunate to have Shamjiya ma’am as her teacher.

Thazeena Thaha, mother of Aayisha in (KG1)

My son Imaad was silent and shy kid. He has no friends here, playing alone with his own toys. We used to speak our local language at home. But we realised the situation has to change and decided to provide him platform to change his routine. So we chose Broadway, only to interact with same aged kids.

But the changes on him wasn’t expected from an online platform. There he gets not only interaction but also communication skill with basic knowledges. Now he understands the commands in English. He is trying to communicate in English. His confidence had boosted. We are really grateful to miss Shamji. She takes care of him with special consideration as one of her family members. People are blaming us for choosing online platform instead of normal schools.

We trust Broadway.
Thank you team for the amazing efforts.

Hats off to the Broadway team for providing such a wonderful online school. We had doubts about how Mohammed would be able to start his journey through online schooling as a kg child. But Shaheeda ma’am has been so amazing that Mohammed waits for the classes eagerly. Though online there are so many programs being conducted and that’s a great effort from the management and teachers. Minna ma’am, Manisha ma’am, Rasiya ma’am, Bushra ma’am, Noora ma’am thank you all for the great effort you take to keep students engaged without them being bored of online classes.

Shamma Bint Mohammed, parent of Mohammed (kg 1) and Mariyam (grade 5)

as a parent am very satisfied for this school…at first am very confused about the online concept….and i added in temporarily and now i want to continue teaching my daughter here….bcoz their concept is another level and their teachers are very supportive and frendly….
Thanks…. Broadway team

Parent of Ayisha… Studying in KG

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